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My plant care tips on the BLOG

For a long time I hesitated where I could use my agronomic experience. I thought I could share it online and write a blog.

I really hope you find my tried and tested tips useful and make your plant journey a lot easier and without the mistakes I made.

Good reading and I hope I encourage you too to see the fascinating world of plants 🌿.

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Gardeners' Yoga Leggings

An agronomist who designs clothing for gardeners

Hello, I’m Meda, founder of “Garden mood” and creator of clothes for the garden. How did you come up with the idea to create a collection of garden clothes?

I am an agronomist and have worked among plants for several years and noticed the problem that women do not feel good precisely because of their clothing, which often causes a feeling of shame. So I thought, why not create stylish clothes for women in the garden, so they can dress up in them!

Therefore, these clothes are intended both for those women who spend their free time in the garden at home, and for those who work every day on landscaping projects or in nurseries and botanical gardens. And for all those for whom this slogan “If gardening is your passion, let’s bring it in some fashion” is suitable.

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