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Cookie policy

This website uses cookies to save information on your computer. These settings explain how we use cookies, the settings may be partially changed without prior warning. In order to ensure that you are using updated information about the use of cookies, please review this policy regularly for possible changes. By using this website, you agree to the placement of cookies on your computer, taking into account the provisions and rules. If you do not agree to accept cookies from this website, please disable the support of cookies in your internet browser or refuse to use this website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are textual information that the website transfers to the browser’s cookie file located on your computer’s hard drive. This way, the website can recognize you the next time you visit, or remember relevant information about you. This is information about which internal pages you visited, which menu items you selected, specific information you entered into the forms on this website, the time and dates of your visit.

Types of cookies

There are two main types of cookies:

  • Session cookies: These are temporary cookies that expire at the end of the browser session, i.e. when you leave the site. Session cookies allow the website to recognize you when you browse internal pages during a single use of the browser, thus allowing you to use the website more efficiently. For example, session cookies allow the website to remember that the user has placed the relevant items in his shopping cart.
  • Persistent cookies: Unlike session cookies, persistent cookies are stored on your computer until they expire or are deleted. This provides an opportunity to recognize you upon your return, to remember your choices or services provided.

In addition to session cookies and persistent cookies, there may be other cookies that are set by the website you have decided to visit, such as this website, thus providing information to us or third parties.

The cookies we use

Currently, and in the future, we may use the following cookies:

  • Help ensure security and verify your data. You use the website, browsing the pages, with the help of cookies you avoid the constant collection of the same data.

We use persistent cookies to:

  • We could recognize you as a unique user every time you return to the website, thus avoiding repeated actions;
  • Collect and store statistical anonymous information that will help us better understand your needs and help us improve the structure of the website;
  • Many cookies are created so that you can optimally use the Internet. For example, we use cookies to improve the user experience when using our websites, for example, a cookie that recognizes whether your browser supports a specific technological feature. For example, it helps the website to load faster when you request to upload a large file.

In addition to the cookies that provide information to us, we also use cookies that collect information and send it to third parties. As an example Google Analytics. Please check third-party websites for more information on the use of cookies. These websites may have different cookie policies than ours. As with first-party cookies, you can block third-party cookies through your browser settings. Some of our cookies may collect and store your personal information, such as your name or email address. We are committed to respecting and ensuring the security of your data, the use and storage of your information in accordance with the privacy policy.

Rejection of cookies on this website

By default, most browsers accept cookies. However, you have the option to disable cookies by changing your browser settings. It is also possible to configure your browser settings so that you can accept only the necessary cookies or receive a warning message each time allowing you to decide whether you want to store cookies on your computer. To manage cookies on your computer, there are various options for this, for example, the “help” section of your browser will help you. You can also delete or disable the collected information. Since our cookies allow you to connect to the main functions of the website, we recommend that you leave the support for cookies. If the support for cookies is disabled, it may mean that you will experience limited use of the website or you will not be able to use the website at all.

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