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Meet the founder!

Meda Mačiuitytė

Garden Mood creator

An agronomist who designs clothes for gardeners

Hello! I am Meda, a young agronomist who sews clothes in her spare time. I was introduced to plants as a child, and to a sewing machine in the 7th grade. This acquaintance continues until now, because I not only learn these two subjects separately, but also try to combine them.

“Garden Mood” is the best example of this, because here I am looking for solutions to offer the highest quality clothes that are stylish and most importantly suitable for both the garden and the city.

The first collection was not yet sewn by my own hands, but I honestly chose the clothing models and created witty print designs for them. Although a considerable number of people fell in love with these clothes, I once again became convinced that my dream is even bigger – I want to create exclusive and functional clothes for women myself.

Therefore, I am starting the second season of “Garden Mood” with the realization of this goal. I really hope that you will love this collection even more ❤️


From the first collection

The history of the name and logo

This is my sunshine in the meadow

Since my childhood, I spent a lot of time in the garden, so the word “Garden” is definitely not foreign to me.

In the second year of my studies, while collecting a plant herbarium, I was taken to a meadow of sunflowers (Bellis perennis). These flowers made me smile, because I remembered myself as a child, when I was running barefoot in the village on a meadow of sunflowers. The sun shone in my logo.

Since this sunshine gave me a good mood and the word “Mood” appeared by itself.

So when my passion (“Garden”) and my main joy (“Mood”) came together, “Garden Mood” appeared. I really hope that my creations will allow you to feel that “good vibe” while wearing clothes in the same way.

Well, if you look closely, you will see a sun in the center of Bellis perennis, which symbolizes joy and good mood.

So thank you for choosing Garden Mood

Goals and values

Clothes for the garden and the city...

We are a young brand “Garden Mood”, founded in November, 2021.

The goal is to create high-quality, functional and stylish clothes that are suitable for plant lovers and not only.

The mission is to bring gardening and horticulture into fashion through education and stylish clothing.

Focus on quality, exclusivity and style...
  • Quality – clothes are sewn only from the highest quality fabrics. Each manufactured model is tested and checked for quality during wear and washing.
  • Functionality – clothes are designed so that they can be adapted during work. Great attention to pockets and other clothing accents.
  • Versatility – the clothes are designed in such a way that it would not be a shame to appear even in the city.
  • Sincerity – we constantly try to pay attention to customer feedback, needs and suggestions. If you have suggestions, we are waiting for your letters to
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